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Animated Television Series

8 x 5 Min. Episodes

Victory Arts  Copperworks Consulting

CBC Kids / TFO

Non-Union - Paid

Sudbury, ON

Two friends and a giant Maple Leaf are on a quest to find clues and complete challenges to lead them to the biggest birthday bash: Canada Day! Did you hear? There's going to be a big birthday party for Canada and everyone is invited! Not everyone knows about the party....or where it's going to be. Our Canada pals Jaxon and Song, are tasked with inviting everyone in Canada to the party. That is...if they can solve the riddles in time! Riddles, fun, factual and full of Canadian Pride! Each riddle challenges the Canadian Spirits and then rewards them upon solving it. Clues are given to help the kids talk out their answers and travel this great land of ours.



Please forward your resume and voice reel (if available) to no later than March 31st at 5:00 pm.

Indicate your age on the submission. Subject: Canadian Spirits 

Preference will be given to performers residing in Northern Ontario and who are bilingual (English/French), although this is not mandatory.

LEAD  [JAXON]     MALE        9-14

Jaxon is Canadian from birth. He is gifted with a great sense of humour and is comfortable laughing at himself. In school he has learned a lot about his country and being fully proud to be Canadian, he is eager to find out more! Given a compass he can find directions. He is impulsive and always up for the adventure, although he suffers a bit from motion sickness. Jaxon is not exactly an athlete but what he loses in agility he gains in eagerness to succeed. He loves to puzzle over riddles and curious occurrences and is very proud of himself when he figures it out. Of course, he is equally proud if Song figures it out. They are a team and best friends. He can be a bit dramatic at times which makes Song village and he loves it when she giggles so he jokes with her a great deal. He relies on Song for her strengths, as she does his. We would like voices that haven't broken yet. Please note if your client is bilingual (English/French). 

LEAD    [SONG]    FEMALE        9-14

*PLEASE SUBMIT FIRST NATIONS TALENT* Song is Algonquin and very much a child of nature. She is warm and funny and loves riddles, too. She is a thinker, so unlike Jaxon who jumps right in, she considered all sides of the issue before making a move. Observant, she often spots the one piece that doesn't fit the puzzle. Song is great at climbing swimming on tree branches, running and playing physical games. Not a sit down kind of girl. At times, she uses words or phrases from her native language. She loves to take pictures with her mini tablet so she can remember their travels. These are used by Song for postcards to friends around the world and are available for the viewers. She and Jaxon are the Riddle Masters at their school. Please note if your client is bilingual (English/French).


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